Insurance basically means the protection from financial loss, so for any company it’s critical to have the right staff on-board. There are various different roles involved in the insurance domain, from insurance technicians and brokers to claims handlers and commercial account executives. All which require an individual with great attention to detail, the understanding of relevant regulations and how to support their clients or employers through financial difficulties.

Insurance can be applied to most things, it can be for materials, prize possessions, vehicles or homes, as well as life insurance or pet insurance. Negotiating skills are needed for some insurance sectors, whereas a respect and diligence for customer rights and contracts must also be adhered to. Claims handler jobs will require additional sensitivity and an awareness to heightened emotions, as it is the role of a claims handler to assist customers with their personal claims.

Insurance brokers will have a duty to advise their clients with valuable insight into investment opportunities and risk analysis. Here at Mitrem Recruitment, we have a specialist team who have all the experience and expertise in dealing with a wide range of insurance jobs. Whether candidate or business, our commitment in providing a knowledgeable, passionate and specialist service will always be maintained.

For Candidates: If you have already established yourself as an asset to the world of insurance or you’re eager to make your mark after years of studying, Mitrem Recruitment can offer you the ample amount of support you need whilst progressing your career. Please feel free to contact our specialist Insurance recruitment consultant Clair Douglas.

For Clients: Whether you are a business seeking an in-house insurance advisor or you are an insurance firm seeking talented staff to improve your services, Mitrem Recruitment are here to offer years of experience and expertise. Whether you need claims handlers or insurance brokers, our extensive talent pool and contemporary source and screen techniques guarantee great results.

Kathryn's Profile

Name: Kathryn Hodgson.

Position: Recruitment Consultant.

Sector: Commercial (Temporary Specialist).

Time In Recruitment: 4 Years.

Why should Kathryn represent you?
Kathryn boasts four years in recruitment and has specialised her service towards administration and customer service sectors. Having previously been a key member of Plymouth’s Office Angels, Kathryn now brings superb value to the Astra team. Her personable character and astute awareness to the industry she recruits for makes Kathryn the perfect support for the businesses she recruits for and the candidates she helps to find work.

Kathryn knows her industry inside out and is able to spark a connection with 99% of the professionals she deals with. Having that knowledge and understanding of the market means that Kathryn is able to easily build rapport and offer quick solutions to her customers needs. What’s more, Kathryn is a temporary recruitment specialist, and is able to promptly resolve any issues and thoroughly enjoys the fast paced nature of the job.

5 specialities/core recruitment skills.
Business Development. Sector Specialist For Admin. Account Management. Market Awareness. Strong Local Presence. Clients Kathryn has worked with.
St Lukes. Wolf Minerals. The Range. Thrive Approach. IMASS.

For you, what makes Astra unique?
The company culture and enthusiasm to succeed is fantastic. The fact that we provide both a local and national service is also unique.

What’s the best thing about being in recruitment?
I love the variety of the job but I’d say the best thing would be helping people kick start their careers, especially those who go from temporary positions to secure permanent work.

If there was one thing you could change about recruitment, what would it be?
The perception people have of recruiters!

Recruitment is supposed to be the most stressful job on the market – how do you deal with this stress?
A glass of wine in a hot bubble bath.

What we may not know…
I have an unhealthy thing for reality TV.

Disability Confident Committed

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